About Mr. Liu Weiya

Mr. Liu Weiya is one of the leaders of the Master Class Design House of Shanghai Municipality, engaged in packaging design and product design for long time, being the expert in combining art creation with production process, focusing on the unity of artistic and economic value. He values talents training in creative designing area and acts as mentor of undergraduate and graduate students in many high schools. He emphasis on education combining theory and practice, cultivates a large number of creative design talents. He is the editor of "The Master Class Design House of Shanghai Municipality" of the Twelfth Five-year Plan. And also he has always been involved in social welfare activities, organized a variety of domestic and international showcase evaluation and academic exchange activities, built a platform for communications and makes unremitting efforts for the promotion of creative design industries.

For decades, he created a large number of works for many well-known enterprises and famous brands, helping customers to establish a successful brand image in the fierce market. In printing technology area, he developed a new technology of large area bronzing refraction that is widely used today in enterprises for bringing huge economic benefits. He got various package design gold such as “Worldstar award”, "Chinastar award", "East China award", "China Creative Design Competition" and "Asia Package Design Competition" with his designed works, e.g. Fen Jiu, Kweichow MouTai, KYQ Imperial Crown, He Jiu Golden Time, Ruby cosmetics de luxe series, Foshou gourmet powder and etc.

He also designed a number of excellent works for social activities, for example badge for ATTU (Asian Table Tennis Union), prize medal for Shanghai working models, medal for Shanghai Technological Elites, logo for Shanghai Science and Technology Association, medal and florilegium designing for the 6th and 10th APD Exhibition and Exchange activities and also logo, prize and florilegium designing for "Oriental Star" Creative Design Competition.


Design Committee of China Packaging Federation
China Artist Association
( Shanghai Council)Honorary vice president of Shanghai Council
China Four Lands of Two Coasts Colleges and University’s Visual Arts Coalition
Product Design Institute Honorary president of Product Design Institute
The Master Class Design House Of Shanghai Municipality
Asia Package Design
“Worldstar award”
International Commercial Art Designer Association
Media & Design Shanghai Jiao Tong University
College of Digital Arts,Shanghai University
Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Shanghai University Of Engineering Science , College of Art & Design
Beijing Normal University , Zhuhai
Shanghai outstanding experts Association
Shanghai Institute of Technology
Shanghai Jianqiao University
Shanghai Industrial Design Association of Fine Arts


National Model Worker
"May 1" Labor Medal model
National Model Worker Light
Shanghai Labor Model (fourth)
The first hero of Shanghai Science and Technology
Talent in Shanghai Scientific & Technical Circles
China Packaging Federation《China Design Award for career contributions》
Enjoy government allowances of experts


The Shanghai People’s Printing Factory No.8
Shanghai Packaging Technology Association
Shanghai Arts and Crafts series of senior judges
Shanghai Patent Award
Shanghai Design Biennial
Creative Design of China Package
Creative Design of China Package
ORIENT STAR” design Prize-giving Competition
Shanghai Printing Awards
Shanghai high-end creative talent of young

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